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What's happening this term?

What a busy first half of the Autumn term we have planned! Keep a look out for weekly class blogs where we will be showing off some of our work on:


We will begin looking at numbers to 1,000,000, comparing and contrasting them, exploring ways of representing these numbers and investigating and solving word problems. Once we have mastered these, we will start to look at adding and subtracting these numbers and again explore ways in which this can be done and demonstrated.



Our first Pathways to Read book of the year is the amazing 'Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls'. In this, the children will have the chance to read about the inspiring stories of some amazing women. These short stories will expose the children to a wide variety of heroines and throughout the unit, the children will be developing their ability to draw inferences and make comparisons. 



Linked to our reading book, the children's first writing unit will be based around the amazing book 'Queen of the Falls'. Through the context of this book, the children will learn all about the incredible story of Annie Taylor and will develop their recount writing skills in a variety of ways. 



In our first RE unit of the year, we will be looking at the Christian Creation story and the story of Adam and Eve. The children will develop their understanding of stewardship and about some of the people who help inspire us to look after God's world. 



In this unit, children will....



In Year 5, the children will continue their study of history by looking at the fascinating period of the Mayans.



This half term we will be ...



We will use our PSHCE lessons during the first half term to.....



Children will begin Year 5 art, recapping the formal elements of Art through the prism of architecture. Children will have the chance to sketch different types of homes, replicate the design of a home in the style of an artist as well as design their very own home and monument, recording their ideas from different perspectives.



We will begin Year 5 by....



To start our year, we will .........



This half term, the children in Year  5 will have the chance to study, compose and perform music all whilst learning about notation, all through the context of Africa. 



This half term, the children in Year  5 will



This half term, the children in Year  5 will







Our Learning Behaviours


These eight ‘secrets of success’ are taught and encouraged throughout our curriculum.

  1. Try new things

If children are willing to try new things, they may just find something they are good at. Even better than this, they may find something that they love doing. Most successful people love what they do.

  1. Work hard

Although it may seem attractive to design a curriculum that is fun for children, it is also important to plan activities that will make children work hard. No real success comes without hard work.

  1. Concentrate

Successful people learn to give their full attention to whatever they are doing. Allowing children to focus on things that interest them, whilst at the same time learning all of the content that is required, is a great way to secure engagement.

  1. Push yourself

Successful people need to push themselves. A great curriculum needs to push children and teach them about the need to push themselves. Of course, it is much easier to push yourself if you see the point to what you are doing. That is why the curriculum needs to be engaging and relevant for children.

  1. Imagine

Successful people have ideas. They use their imagination and are prepared to be wrong. The curriculum needs lots of opportunities for children to use their imagination.

  1. Improve

Real accomplishment does not come from doing something once and moving on. It comes from lots of tweaks and refinements. Successful people are always trying to improve what they do.

  1. Understand others

No one has experienced success by thinking about themselves. Successful people understand others. The curriculum needs to help children to realise that collaboration is what the real world is about,

  1. Don’t give up

The curriculum needs a certain degree of danger and risk if children are to experience the real world. They need opportunities to fail in a safe environment and learn to have another go.














“Love one another, as I have loved you”

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