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Home, School and Parish Links

The links forged between home, school and parish are a key part of life here at St Alban's.

We share the role of educators of the faith with our parents. 

The RE Leader shares regular RE newsletters, which keep families informed and encourages them to be actively engaged in issues related to the RE curriculum and Catholic life.

Parents are welcomed to assemblies, Masses and other liturgies and acts of worship, throughout the year. 

Parents are invited to participate in prayer in several ways.


Here are some of the ways we are working to strengthen our Home, School and Parish links this year:


First Forgiveness and Holy Communion - Year 3

This year we have 38 children and families making these sacraments with us.

First Forgiveness took place in December and it was wonderful to see so many of our parents also taking part in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Our First Holy Communions will take place on Saturday 6th May and 20th May. 


Stay and Pray

Each year group will invite parents to join them in prayer once a half term. 

Here are the dates for Spring 1:

Reception - Friday 17th February @ 9.10am

Year 1 - Friday 20th January @ 9.10am

Year 2 - Friday 27th January @ 9.10am

Year 3 - Friday 3rd February @ 9.10am

Year 4 - Friday 9th February @ 9.10am

Year 5 - Friday 17th February @ 9.10am

Year 6 - Spring 2 (date to follow)


Family Mass

Each year group has a dedicated Family Mass at least once during the school year. These are held on the second Sunday of the month.

The next Family Mass is on Sunday 12th February and is for our Year 3 children and families

Please come along and join together with the St Alban's parish in celebrating Mass together. 


Prayer Bags

This term we will be launching our prayer bags. Each class will have their own prayer bag and one child will bring it home to share with their family each weekend. All children will have the opportunity to bring the bag home during the year.

More information to follow!


Travelling Cribs

We had another successful year of sending home our Travelling Cribs during Advent 2022. 

This was a chance for children from Reception to Year 3 to take home one of our beautiful Travelling Cribs to share the story of Jesus' birth with their family. 


Keeping Parents informed

From this term we will be sending out termly RE newsletters for parents and carers. This will support families in staying informed of what is happening in our RE lessons following The Way, The Truth & The Life and encouarge them to play an active role as an educator 


Ten Ten Parent Newsletter

“Love one another, as I have loved you”

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