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In the Summer term the children in Year 1 will each complete a Phonics Screening Test. We make this as fun and engaging as we can, we start playing this game from the Spring term so the children are familiar with the expectation. The children will be asked to read 40 different words; 20 real words and 20 alien 'not real' words.

So with this in mind we want to do everything we can to help your child to read and write. 

Phonics and Reading is a fundamental part of our journey in Year 1 and we try to make it as fun, engaging and as enjoyable as we think every book is. 

Reading is a skill which is taught through planned, systematic phonics lessons. This leads to the enjoyment of all kinds of books, the appreciation of different genres and the ability to access information independently. The home-school reading books are phonetically decodable books and will support your child to develop their blending skills fluently using sounds taught promoting confidence and positive attitudes to reading.

This encourages a personalised reading program for every child supporting each individual as they acquire reading skills. 

At St Alban's Catholic Primary we follow the Letters and Sounds approach to teaching Phonics, supplemented with additional resources such as Bug Club. Our approach is systematic, consistent and rigorous in order that all children become readers as quickly as possible.

The alphabetic code is taught first with children learning new sounds and practising pronouncing and blending these sounds on a daily basis. Simple mnemonics help the children grasp the letter sounds quickly. Following this we match the sounds pupils know to the books they read encouraging confidence as well as a number of other skills such as using initial sounds to identify more difficult words. Additionally children hear and learn lots of stories in school which helps to increase their story knowledge and vocabulary.

Reading every day will support your child's confidence. Reading a familiar text shows your child they can read and can prove a big boost to their self-esteem. By promoting repetition and familiarity the children see common exception words and spelling patterns frequently and in context.

Here are a few links to help with pronunciation and helping the children to read. 


How to pronounce pure sounds:

How to pronounce sounds to blend words:

“Love one another, as I have loved you”

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