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Prayer and Liturgy

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Prayer and Liturgy is at the heart of how we express our faith as a Catholic school. We make sure the children have plenty of opportunites to take ownership of their own worship and encourage them on their own personal spiritual journey. All aspects of Prayer and Liturgy are embedded into school life from whole school celebration Masses to individual prayer and reflection. 

COVID has forced us to adapt some of the ways we enjoy Prayer and Liturgy together as a school community. We have delivered Gospel Assemblies on Zoom and have had to scale down Masses and other celebrations. We look forward to celebrating as a whole school and welcoming the parents back into school when it is safe to do so. 

Here are some examples of Prayer and Liturgy at St Alban's.


There are lots of opportunities for Masses during the school year from feast days such as All Saints Day to class Masses, staff Masses and our very special Leaver's Mass. Sometimes we have Mass in our Parish Church or other times in the school hall. The children are involved in the planning of these Masses and are learning about the significance of each part of the Mass. 

Prayer and Liturgy in class

As a school we use the resources made by TenTen. These help us to focus on the Gospel message from Mass each Sunday and give us something to think about for the week ahead. These are often part of our class daily prayers which include a prayer at the beginning and end of the school day and grace before meals. We give the children the chance to plan for Prayer and Liturgy themselves on a regular basis by choosing prayers and hymns.

Stay and Pray

We invite parents and carers to join us for Prayer and Liturgy at various points throughout the year. The children enjoy preparing this special prayer session and it is lovely to involve more of the school community in our Prayer and Liturgy in this way.


Mr McDonald, Miss McAlavey and Mrs Christensen lead whole school assemblies on Mondays and Fridays. Friday is a celebration assembly when we congratulate the children who have been identified as going 'above and beyond' during the week. We also talk about our 'Value of the Month' and identify where children are demonstrating this. Being together as a school means we can share prayer and hymns together too.

Advent and Lent

During the special times of Advent and Lent we reflect each week as a class and gather around the prayer focus area. See tabs under Catholic Life for more details of these reflections.



“Love one another, as I have loved you”

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