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Insight to Impact School Governance

Good Governance is really important to us here at St Alban's and we did a self review of the School's Governance in November 2021.  

St Alban's Governing Body worked with a National Leader of Governance Sue Turner 

As a result the Governors have identifed some areas to prioritise. 

Strategic Vision and Direction
To  review the school's vision to ensure that it is ambitious for the school.

Pupil and Parent Voice

The Governors are going to find ways to capture pupil and parent voice 

• Creating a basket of 12 questions that are asked of children across the year, and every year. Broken down to 2 per half term, these can then feed into  meetings, embedding pupil voice in your
• Expore a variety of ways that you could speak with parents -  attendance at parents
evenings, on the playground and developing a Parent Forum.
• Consider establishing a way of reporting out to the community - such as additions within a newsletter
or an annual letter.

Quality of Education

To simplify the curriculum intent ; to focus on asking the senior and middle leaders the question - What are the children learning? Why ? Is it relevant to the children here? Does it match the Governors vision and ambition? How can we measure the impact? • How does the school create a curriculum that is as broad as possible, reflective of local context and builds knowledge and skills?
• How does the school respond to individual needs and talents and provide increasing opportunities for
choice and responsibility?


How is the Curriculum  adopted, taught and assessed;
• How does teaching in your school ensure pupil’s learn well?
• How does the school use internal assessment to improve its teaching and learning?
• What systems are in place to record the quality of teaching?


The outcomes that pupils achieve as a result of the education received
• Do children achieve well against end of year expectations / national measure?
• What are the strengths and weaknesses of the school (inc groups of children)?
• Do you have link roles and how do these evaluate the quality of provision and outcomes?
• Always ask - are you too reliant on the Headteacher for information?


Some actions have been limited by COVID-19 which had a significant impact on the school from January to March in 2022. 


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“Love one another, as I have loved you”

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