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Supporting children with SEND in all subjects

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SEN and the Curriculum (Foundation Subjects)



At St. Alban’s we strive to make our curriculum accessible to all children. In order to achieve this, teachers will ensure that adjustments are made to their implementation of the curriculum to promote success and progress for all children. In this document are some strategies that can be implemented by class teachers to address the needs of pupils with SEN. More specific details of the support that will be provided for individual children will be outlined in short term planning and will take into account personal targets from individual SEN support plans.

This document goes through each of the foundation subjects and outlines some strategies to support children with SEN. These are divided into each of the four broad areas of need as outlined in the Code of Practice. These are: Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Sensory and/or Physical and Social, Emotional and Mental Health.

All teachers are teachers of SEN. At St. Alban’s we use a range of strategies to enable all children to enjoy success in all areas of the curriculum. This is called Quality First Teaching and is best practice. Please see here for some of these strategies that we are constantly updating.

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“Love one another, as I have loved you”

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