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St Alban's Primary Values Framework

St. Alban’s Catholic Primary School Values Framework


As a Catholic school it is essential that the development of Christian values underpins everything we do. We take our inspiration on values from Jesus and what we are taught in the gospels. Our values will therefore be distinctively Catholic but will also help us to develop good citizens for the future who have principles, purpose and belief. Our gospel values support the British values that we are required to develop in school and the two are joined together through our Values Framework.


We will use every opportunity to reinforce values through our curriculum, assemblies, collective acts of worship, discussions in class, stories, response to events in school etc. We want our children to be able to discuss, talk about and understand values in a real way that will impact on their everyday lives. These are also values that we as a staff, should aim to model and share with the children through our actions and responses to them and to each other. These values and opportunities to reinforce them should be evident in everyday school life and in planning learning opportunities for pupils.


At St Alban's we use Life to the Full to deliver our programme of Relationship and Health Education.

What is Life to the Full?

It’s a programme in Relationships and Health Education based on the Department of Education guidance which became statutory during the academic year 2020/21.  This programme is rooted in a Christian understanding of the human person, based on the “Catholic RSE Curriculum” provided by the Catholic Education Service.

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More information can be found on our website about 


The school consulted parents during the Summer term 2020 and also with new parents each year.




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“Love one another, as I have loved you”

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