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Governor Scheme of Delegation


Governing Boards are best placed to decide how they can work effectively in their own circumstances. The Governing Board of St Alban’s Catholic Primary School delegates some of its statutory functions to Committees. Governors are allocated to different committees in the Autumn term.

A list of the members for each committee for 2020-2021 can be found here.

In accordance with the recommendations of a steering group of Governors who met in the Summer term, the Governing Board resolved, at its meeting in September 2020, to  Retain the Standards and Curriculum Committee and rename it THE STANDARDS COMMITTEE.  

The remit of the Standards Committee is to monitor the quality and delivery of the national curriculum and the impact on standards and pupils’ achievement; review the arrangements for safeguarding children, children with SEND, children looked after and disadvantaged children, and to review the Headteacher’s decisions on exclusions. 

The school will combine the Finance, Health & Safety and Premises, Personnel and Pay, and the Personnel/Pay/Staffing Committee to form THE ASSETS COMMITTEE

The remit of the Assets Committee is to be responsible for all the schools’ assets, ie. the delegated budget, the whole school staff, the buildings and grounds and health and safety; to form a sub-committee to deal with specific issues relating to the budget, budget setting, teachers’ appraisal/pay, and the Headteacher’s performance appraisal. 

Whilst the Assets Committee retains overall responsibility for Health & Safety, it resolved to nominate a Health & Safety Governor who would be accountable to the Committee for health and safety inspections, risk assessments and monitoring health and safety training for staff.

Each Standing Committee meets at least once a term and reports to the governing board on its work, and any action taken or decisions made.  

The Governing Board will also Create a new Committee –THE SCHOOL/PARISH/COMMUNITY LIAISON COMMITTEE 

This Committee is the conduit between the school, the parents/carers, the pupils, the parish and the community.

This approach creates a sense of trust and shared ownership of the school’s strategy, vision and operational performances and takes account of the parents/carers’ and the local community. 

The Governing Board also Created a new Committee - THE STRATEGY COMMITTEE

The primary function of the Strategy Committee is to support the Headteacher in setting the strategic framework for the school and for ensuring that all its statutory responsibilities are met. 

The Governing Board resolved to replace the current arrangement with two STATUTORY COMMITTEES –  the First Committee and the Second Committee

THE FIRST COMMITTEE fulfils the Governing Board’s statutory responsibilities for staff and pupil discipline, staff dismissals, redundancy, grievances and deals with complaints. 

THE SECOND COMMITTEE fulfils the Governing Board’s statutory responsibility to hear appeals against decisions of the First Committee, and forms a Pay Appeal Committee when required.

The School/Parish Liaison Committee, the Strategy Committee, and the two Statutory Committees meet as and when required. 

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“Love one another, as I have loved you”

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