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Recovery Premium

Recovery Premium

Additional funding in the 2021-22 academic year to support schools with education recovery following Covid-19

Eligibility - Pupils on FSM, FSM ever 6, LAC pupils, Post LAC pupils


  • Mainstream education pupils £145 per eligible pupil, or pupils in mainstream base £290
  • Other schools £290 per eligible pupil (Special Schools)
  • Minimum payments
    • Primary schools will not receive less than £2000
    • Secondary schools will not  receive less than £6000

Payments will be made in 4 instalments of 25% each

  • Initial Allocation for the academic year is calculated using October 2020 census for FSM pupils and ever 6 FSM pupils since January 2015
  • September 21 - 25% on initial allocation paid on Sept tab
  • December 21 - 25% of initial Allocation
  • April 22  - 25% of initial Allocation
  • Final Allocation will be calculated using October 2021 census for FSM pupils and ever 6 FSM pupils since January 2016.
  • June 22 - Final allocation less Sept, Dec, Apr instalments.  (If FSM have gone down between 2020 and 2021 census June 222 payment will be less than 25% of initial allocation.)

Reporting on how Grant is Spent

Schools must show they are using their recovery  premium effectively as part of their Pupil Premium Strategy Statement.


Link to guidance   Recovery premium funding - GOV.UK (

“Love one another, as I have loved you”

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